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Simple, personalized home solutions.


Our company offers a wide range of services to help you make the best use of your time. If you've ever looked around the house and thought, "If only I had someone to help me get this done." then you need our service.

We are available to assist you with event preparation and clean-up. We can help you or a loved one with daily, weekly, or monthly chores. If you need someone to pick up groceries and put them away for your Aunt on a specific schedule, we would gladly provide that service. We can do anything from window washing to walking the dog or doing the laundry twice a week or simply coming by just once to help with a single task. We offer traditional cleaning services with a recurring frequency as often as daily maid services. Whatever it is that best meets your needs. If you need an outdoor structure cleaned and organized, we would love to help. We also offer organizational and time management consulting for those times when the task at hand seems too overwhelming to tackle. If it relates to the home and the sometimes demanding job of maintaining a household, we can lift some of that burden and you can enjoy some of these moments before they're gone.

We are a family owned and operated business with over twenty years of experience in the service industry and in business management. Throughout those years we've learned that the gift of service is as valuable to the giver as it is to the receiver. By placing our focus on the value of your time, we find that a great deal more of our time becomes available and we are still able to contribute to our own households in a meaningful way. By personalizing our service to fit your needs, we are able to offset a lot of the costs associated with running a cleaning service. You're able to get exactly what you need at a very affordable rate. By partnering with other locally owned businesses, we are able to better serve our customers while helping our community thrive. We even partner with other cleaning services outside of our service area and can refer you if needed. Give us a call or send an email today to schedule your cleaning today!

We generally charge an hourly rate of 55/hour for a crew of two, 80/hour for a crew of three, and 95/hour for a crew of four at the first booking. At that time we have enough information to offer a flat rate which is based on frequency of future visits and the time frame in which you need the job done. Should you require our help but feel you cannot afford the rates please email for information about our low income programs. We are fully dedicated to helping every member of our community.